Social Fulcrum's R&D Lab

Get our honest test results, raw opinions, best practices and news on everything facebook from the leaders in Facebook Advertising

At Social Fulcrum we hold internal R&D meetings where our team of performance managers, software engineers and other bright advertising minds come together and discuss Facebook.

We chat about tools, new features and recent news. EVERYTHING we can test we test and then review our test results here. We use our honest test results and educated opinions to shape our clients' strategy.

So, if you are looking for gritty, unfiltered Facebook opinions and test results from the largest agency specializing in Facebook Ads and the global leader in 'Store Visit Ads' and 'Offline Conversions Ads' submit your details.

Our R&D Lab meeting notes will be emailed out bi-weekly.

Warning: These are our actual meeting notes. We don’t hold anything back. We believe the data tells the full story and just because Facebook documentation says one thing doesn’t mean we believe that to be the truth. Think of us as your trustworthy source into the world of Facebook.